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The Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers teamed up to donate $10,000 each towards 50 home and 50 away jerseys for both Inglewood and Morningside high school. They presented both teams with the jersey's alongside Former Rams Defensive End and NFL Pro-Bowler Marcellus Wiley and Former Runningback for the Chargers and 6x Pro-Bowler Erick Dickerson.

Though the day was about the two NFL franchises giving back to their community, Wiley shared that it was a special moment for him to share the stage with Dickerson as well.

“I had two posters on my wall growing up, John Elway and Eric Dickerson,” Wiley addressed the players. “Respect for him being here because it allowed a guy like me to have a role model when I was getting into the league.”

Wiley, a South Central Los Angeles native, recounted playing pop warner football as an adolescent in Inglewood. He went on to graduate from Ivy League Columbia University. He emphasized to the players the importance of staying focused on education and setting goals both on and off the field.

Both Inglewood and Morningside will debut their new uniforms at the start of this football season. Wiley commenced by saying, “Keep it going and represent the Wood.”

The Rams and Chargers will not only share this joint effort, soon the two organizations will call the LA Stadium and Entertainment District at Hollywood Park in 2020 their home stadium.

(For more about this story, visit The Sentinel)

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